Friday, June 20, 2014

Vintage Books for Sale

I've recently opened a new Etsy shop, DogEaredBooks, where I'm selling some of the ever-growing collection of vintage books. My regular Etsy shop, MyVintageWhimsy is so full of great vintage linens and housewares, I felt the books deserved their own shop. So, ta-da! 

This week I've been focusing on getting some great vintage children's books listed. In March, I stumbled upon an estate sale in SC on my way to Georgia and bought a huge box of Rand McNally Junior Elf books. Some of them are shown below. 

I still have 20 or more boxes of books in SC that I didn't bring with me when I moved here last year, but now that I have an actual shop for them, I will grab a couple of boxes each time I'm down there visiting family and hopefully they'll all be listed sometime soon! In the meantime, I'm plowing through the stacks I have here. 

I've also created a new Instagram account for special flash sales and discount codes, so if you're on IG, please follow me at @dogearbooks. 

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